Youth Leadership Programs

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Youth Programs

Self Esteem. Responsibility. Integrity. Resilience. Personal Leadership. Communication. Active Listening.

These are just a few of the things you want your youth, your kids, to have. To develop. You want to set them up for success as much as possible. You want your kids to be the leaders of the future.

Our unique group programs team up youth with your horses to create one of a kind experiences that will teach your kids all of the above traits, and more. Your youth will together with our horses as they are encouraged to be creative, resourceful, innovative, and responsible to problem solve to as they overcome barriers and reach objectives.

As they learn to communicate skillfully and effectively participants learn why it is important to have personal integrity, trust, respect, confidence, courage, and so much more. They will learn how to engage in active listening, how to be a leader, and how to effectively work together as part of a team.

The skills they will learn, all while engaged in fun, one of a kind experiences aided by our horses will allow them to be more successful, less anxious, happier, and will help them in their everyday lives. They will be better able to overcome the challenges of daily life and cope with the social and peer pressure that they face today.

Want to see what we currently have scheduled for our youth programs? Check out our calendar to see what scheduled events we have coming up.