Leadership and Team Building Workshops


Leadership and Team Building

Seminars & Workshops

Are you searching for innovative solutions to enhance your team’s effectiveness?

Then Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) is what you are looking for! EAL is an emerging field in which horses are used as an instrument for personal growth and learning and life changing leadership skills.

What do you want to improve in your workplace?

· Job satisfaction

· Understanding every team member has value

· Non-verbal communication,

·  Appropriate assertiveness,

· Creative thinking,

· Problem  solving,

·  Leadership skills,

· Taking responsibility,

· Teamwork,

·  Building relationships, 

· Attitude

In a Workshop you will:

· Understand your leadership style while helping your team effectively reach their goal

· Become a mindful team member that magnifies and multiplies your resources.

· Gain a greater understanding of self and awareness of others.

· Recognize the need to constantly adapt in order to facilitate change, leading to success.

· Unlock the barriers that prevent individuals from effectively working together.

At Chiron Rising equine professionals encourage participants to unify their efforts, join together and work as allies, stimulate negotiation and share the available resources to find success. Our seminars & workshops are designed to be client centered.

Working closely with you, we will custom build a program which will address the specific needs of the group, creating a fun and interactive experience that will be remembered long after you leave the arena.

Interested in setting up a leadership and team building workshop for your team? Use the form below to send us a message and we will get back to you ASAP.

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