Meet Our Team


Megan Stewart - Owner, Facilitator, Horse Wrangler, Fingers that Make the Website

I’m Megan, the one who does all the technical stuff. Sadly, luckily for them, my coworkers don’t quite have the hang of how to use computers.

I’ve always been the horse crazy girl, pointing out the horses in pastures as we drove by (I started doing it quietly in my head when I realized people weren’t quite as excited as I was). I had my own horse before I was born and lost her when we were both about 8 years old. The next decade saw a horse listed on every birthday and Christmas wish list.

When I was 23 I finally got a horse again, you’ll meet him in a minute, a 2 year old bay mustang I named Geronimo.

I’ve always felt that horses are magical. They just make you FEEL better. Just being with a horse somehow makes the world a better place, makes your day better, makes the bad things seem not so bad, the pressing things seem not so pressing, the worrisome things seem not so worrisome, etc.

The more time I spent with horses, the more I realized that there was so much that we can and should learn from them. I learned more about myself, my strengths, my weaknesses, my wounds, etc from working with Geronimo than I did anything else. I learned how to be the sort of leader I needed in my own life, to lead from the inside out. I recognized that we can never be a leader other people will follow, and WANT to follow, if we cannot be the sort of leader that we want to follow ourselves.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to help people using horses, it just took awhile to figure out how. I received a certification in Equine Assisted Learning from Cartier Farms in Prince Albert, Canada in June of 2016. Since then I’ve continued working on discovering and developing new ways of interacting with horses and sharing this with others.

I am continually doing research into the horse-human bond and relationship, and how it can be a mutually beneficial relationship. The more I learn the more I evolve at a personal level and the work I do with horses.

Stick around and learn a bit more about my coworkers, teachers, friends, magic makers, goofballs, and so much more all wrapped up in four individual four legged beings.



Geronimo… words can’t sum up how much I have learned from this goofy bay boy. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. He had the softest, kindest eyes. He played in his water, making a mess everywhere. He was a little bit of a bully to the other horses, but the way he looked at me…. you could tell he had something amazing to offer.

After a bidding war, the most amazing people backing out of the bid so I could win, lots of tears, a new halter, and a ride home, I had my first horse as an adult.

I learned a lot from him. A lot from working with him. A lot about horses, a lot about the various trainers that are out there, but definitely I learned the most about myself. Geronimo is very much sure of his right to be here. He is here, he doesn’t care if you don’t like him, he is very sure of who he likes and who he doesn’t. (He loves pretty much all children, you have to be a very congruent adult to get his attention.) He is goofy. He requires a very strong leader. He likes to pretend he is the boss, but will quickly acquiesce leadership when he is sure someone deserves it more than he does.

He’s taught me that it is okay to begin again. That strong boundaries are healthy and important. That it is vital to be honest with yourself, truly honest. He’s taught me to not take things so personally. He’s taught me a whole host of things, and I love to see what he teachers other people.

What will he teach you?



I don’t think any picture better portrays Charlotte’s nature than this one. She has the most loving spirit that I have ever seen. She wants nothing more to love and be loved. She is perfectly happy to stand with her head over your shoulder all day if you will let her.

For a horse that was rescued from an abuse and neglect situation, she can teach us a lot about resilience and love. After all she had been through, she still has the pure ability to give and want to receive love. Not many of us can say that, but what a more loving world it would be if we could.

Charlotte was given to me by Shea Campbell. Shea had adopted Charlotte to do barrel racing and other speed sports. She recognized that Charlotte didn’t have the heart for such activities and was hoping she could find a program for her to go to where she could share her amazing ability to love with others.

Pretty much everyone falls in love with this girl. From her striking coloring to her friendly and soft demeanor, she makes you feel special and loved. You can feel her desire to share herself and her love with others.

What will you feel when you meet Charlotte?



I cal Snip my wise old man. He is the leader of our small herd of four horses. He has a very quiet and gentle leadership about him. He is not a bully in anyway, just extremely sure of himself, his power, and his abilities.

It took Snip several months before he decided that I was his new person. He’d been with the same person for 18 years before coming to me and he isn’t quite as ready and willing to just fall in love with anyone and everyone like Charlotte is. Now he is definitely one of my biggest cuddlers. He is very grounding, very comforting, very present. If he graces you with his presence, you can feel his presence surround you, comforting you, and grounding you in the present moment.

This guy is all about quiet leadership, all about being sure of your intentions and moving forward with them. When I have people out working with the horses I frequently hear, “He’s SO STUBBORN!!” After we have a discussion about leadership, our own intentions, following through with them, and our confidence and self-esteem it is amazing how suddenly Snip isn’t quite so stubborn anymore. He will cause you to really stand up, follow through, and being intentional with your decisions and actions.

Snip spent most of his life as a roping horse, a heel horse. At the age of 15 he developed navicular cysts in both of his front feet and was retired from his roping career. His owner hoped to be able to return him back to roping, but was unable to. At 19 he was given to me by Ryan and Janelle Baxter. They desired for him to have some sort of job where he wouldn’t be ridden and could have love and attention. It has been a great honor to have this man entrusted to me and become his new person.

Are you ready to be the leader of your own life and come meet Snip?



Oh Ms. Dusky Rose. The oldest of the herd she is 27 years old now. Dusky is quite opinionated, strong willed, and vocal about what she wants. She is not afraid to let other horses know she doesn’t want to be in their presence. Not afraid to let you know that she would like some grain, now.

Dusky is all about speaking up for what you want. For asking for the things you want and need. All about using your voice. You have one, so use it. I’m pretty sure that is what she would say if she could. She is very animated when you find one of her itchy spots and scratch it for her. She lets you know when you are doing something she enjoys. Good, bad, or otherwise, if you have something to say, you need to learn to use your voice.

Dusky was adopted when she was 11 years old by a family after she spent years racing. They had her for nearly a decade and a half before they gave her to me. She has arthritic knees, an old bowed tendon, and wasn’t suitable for the kind of riding they were doing. After years of racing, barrel racing, riding, etc. she came to me and I decided that even though she could probably still do light riding, that her years of carrying a person were over.

She is teaching me a lot about letting go. She will be the first horse I take through the senior years and I am working on being very aware of her wants and needs. She still has the desire to keep on living and kicks up her heels every now and then, but is teaching me to recognize what SHE needs in her life.

What will Dusky reveal to you about what you need to say?